Brütal Legend

Today I will review

The game came out in october 2009 in the U.S. and Europe. It was programmed by Double Fine Productions and published by EA. Creative director of the game is Tim Schafer who worked on the first Monkey Island game and brought us the all time classic Day Of The Tentacle.


Brütal Legend is an action adventure game which features an open world (just like the Grand Theft Auto games). You play a guy called Eddie Riggs through a metal music themed world. You will run around and slay enemies with your axe and guitar, run them over with your Hot Rod (which is customizeable) and discover and activate various things like dragon statues and other stuff.

After you played a little through the story a new game element will be introduced: Stage Battles. These are played like “Command and Conquer” games. You have a stage which is your base and you need to collect fans from fan geysirs who will be the currency to buy new troops. Then you build your troops and try to destroy the enemy stage. It’s as simple as that.

There isn’t that much more to do actually. You have the possibility to find 120 dragon statues (which will increase your stats if you find enough of them), do some side quests (which are very repetative unfortunately), or find and activate a lot of other stuff to unlock artworks, new music for your Hot Rods radio or the background story of the metal world. And of course you can visit the shop to buy new axes, guitar strings (for different effects), car parts or special attacks.

It’s really not a complex game, so that’s all from the gameplay part.


Eddie Riggs (voice acting by Jack Black) is the best Roadie there is. He can build anything and fix anything. One day there is an accident when one of the band members climbs around on the stage set and is about to fall. Eddie catches the guy and gets smashed by a part of the stage that broke. Some blood drips on his belt buckle. This summons a giant fiery demon, which kills the band and roars at the audience, then the screen turns white. When Eddie awakes, he is in a strange new world that looks like it’s made out of metal album covers. He meets people there and agrees to help them defeat the evil Doviculus (spoken by Tim Curry) and his underling general Lionwhyte (spoken by Rob Halford of Judas Priest). He gets help from the Guardian of metal (Ozzy Osbourne) and the Killmaster (Lemmy of Motörhead).

My Opinion:

This game just rocks… hard!

First of all I have to mention the humor of this game, it’s great. And I don’t mean just the spoken jokes, but also the animations (first of all the facial expressions of the characters). This game makes fun of everything it hails at the same time. For example, you have to free enslaved headbangers from a mine where they have to dig up stuff using only their heads to dig! At the beginning of this mission the quest giver tells Eddie that there are no gates to the mines because the headbangers have nowhere to go, they don’t function out in the real world. Then he asks Eddie: “What do you do with a bunch of kids, who can’t do anything but bang their heads all day long?” Eddie replies with a cracking voice and tears in his eyes: “You start a revolution  Lars.” It’s situations like this that will let you laugh out loud while playing the game, and there are plenty of such moments. The soundtrack consists of over 100 metal songs from over 70 bands and it contains music for everyone. The graphics are very well done especially in the cut scenes. The world is huge and has lots of things to see like rock formations that look like giant guitars or skulls. It is divided in several regions that all feature a unique look, there is a jungle, a gothic region, a snowy mountain and so on.  The voice acting is brilliant. Jack Black is in best form and Ozzy, Lemmy, Rob and Tim seem to have had a lot of fun doing this game.

I can recommend this game to anyone who likes Jack Black, metal music or just funny games. Because Brütal Legend is not just a really good game, but also the best JB movie since quite some time.

The game is available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Rating and Summary:

Graphics: 10 – Although there are some pop-ups while you drive around the overall graphics are so nice done that it doesn’t really matter. I had only one slowdown in the whole game so I won’t count that either.

Sound: 10 – Voice acting is fantastic and the background metal music is awesome, what more can you want?

Gameplay: 9 – Side quests are too repetative and the stage battles could use a little fine tuning, but the controls work perfect and it’s fun to play.

Story: 10 -The story is funny, something new and very well written. I love the background story of the world, which is really epic told and made visible through some excellent artworks.

Overall: 10 – An absolute must have for JB fans and metalheads. People who don’t like both can subtract 2 points here.


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