Welcome to my review of terranigma

This game was released in Japan in 1995 and in Europe in 1996, apparently it got never released in the US.


This game is a Role Playing Game (RPG) but it plays like an Action-Adventure. There are no random battles, instead every enemy is visible to you and you can choose to fight or run away. The game utilizes a real time combat system like “Zelda” but with a few differences. The protagonist can perform several attacks and combos. Although there is magic in the game, there are no magic points. You have to find or purchase items which allow you to do magic spells, but if you use one of these items it’s gone and you have to get another one.

The protagonist gains Experience (Exp) with every enemy he kills. Getting enough Exp results in a Level Up, which increases the characters Attack, Defense, Luck and Hit Points (HP).

If you are not killing enemies there is a lot of other stuff to do in the game. You will explore the world and try to get cities to grow and prosper by taking photos of them and show them to people in other cities, by voting a new mayor or simply by trading. Of course you can go on a shopping tour and restock items or buy armors and weapons and you can even buy your own house and furnish it.



The story turns around the young boy Ark (you can rename him) who lives in the Underworld and is an incurable prankster. One day, one of his pranks goes wrong and the souls of all people in his village are taken away. To get the souls back, he has to master 5 towers. He is successfull but with every tower he beat, he brought back one continent of our world from the ocean. So he is given the assignment to go to the upper world and bring back life. He starts by waking the wind from its slumber, he ressurrects the plants, the birds, the animals and at last humans. But with that his adventure is far from over. Ark has to help humankind to grow. In his attempt to do so, he frees a mad scientist who tries to kill all life he thinks is insignificant, and from that point on Ark has to stop the madman to save the world he built.


My Opinion:

Terranigma is of the greatest games I ever played. The introduction gives me goosebumps every time I see it. The soundtrack is the best I ever heard on a 16Bit console and I love every single song of it. The story is just awesome and very well told and will keep you in the game until you see the end. Graphics are really well done and there are even some 3D images in the game, although they are just stills with a moving background. Terranigma has lots of humor in it, you can discover many little things that will let you laugh out loud. Sometimes it’s because something someone says, sometimes it’s because of the graphics.

There is one issue however I have to mention: The Level Ups. The Level you have is absolutely important in bossfights. One Level more or less makes the difference if you deal 8 points damage per hit or 80 points, even though Ark gained only 1 point of strength in this Level Up. It doesn’t affect the damage output on normal enemies this obvious so you will see only in a bossfight if you are strong enough for it. But apart from that the game is in my opinion perfect in every way and that’s the reason why I still play it at least once a year.

I recommend this game to everyone, regardless if you like RPGs or Action-Adventures. If you like a really good story, beautiful music and loveable characters you just have to love this game.

Rating & Summary:

Graphics: 9,5 – This game looks just amazing.

Sound: 10 – Some of the most beautiful Midi-songs I ever heard.

Gameplay: 9 – It plays great but the thing about the Level-Ups can be a little irritating.

Story: 10 – Unbelievably well written and it sucks you right in.

Overall: 9,5 – Almost a perfect game, I guess one just has to love it.

That’s all for now from me,

keep playing. 😉


3 Responses to Terranigma

  1. sarrgo says:

    Yup, one of the best and for me the best RPG SNES-game so far. Great Review ^-^

  2. Cyber_CLU says:

    After “Illusion of Time” (“Illusion of Gaia”) the best RPG on SNES! Nice Work! (:

  3. Vellathia says:

    Glad to find a blogpost about it! Just one minor issue: the crystals won’t disappear after you perform the magic (actually I was thinking the same thinking crystals non-renewable and feel reluctant to use magic). It’s just like some container of magic. Say if you have 10 crystals in total and exchange 8 of them to magic rings, after using up all the rings the amount of crystals will return as 10. I think it is rather just designed like maximum mana point.

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